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Pipe Caps & Plugs

Pipe protectors will allow your manufactured products to arrive at their destination
 in the same condition that they left in.

Plastic pipe protection will save you the cost and time that will come from rejects
 and it is a way to have inexpensive insurance for your manufactured products.

Click on the links below and see the different types of flange protectors.

Plastic Pipe End Cap Protector Plastic Pipe Cap Protectors
M&P offers a complete range of plastic pipe caps designed to protect the threads and ends of your pipes and conduits during shipping.
Their non-threaded and threaded designs fit outside diameters of NPT pipe and come in both open and closed end applications.

Large Pipe Caps  Plastic Pipe Caps Extra Large
M&P manufactures extra large pipe cap protectors up to 96" diameter.
These caps protect the end of pipe bevels and keep foreign matter from contaminating the inside pipe.

Metal Steel Ppe Cap Protectors  Metal Steel Pipe Cap Protectors
Made from carbon steel, these caps protect bevel ends and threads on NPT pipe.

Plastic Pipe Plug  Plastic Pipe Plug Protectors
Plastic pipe plug protectors keep the inside of pipe clean from foreign matter.
Easy to insert, these plugs will last for years in storage.

Oilfield Thread Protectors  Oil-Field Pipe Thread Protectors
Pin and box sets thread protectors for oilfield pipe.
Made in a wide variety of sizes they are available in both standard and non-standard sizes with metal and plastic materials.

Rectangle End Plugs  Rectangle End Plug Protector
These plugs come in many sizes and are available in different gauges for rectangular, square and round pipe.

  Plastic Pipe Chocks
Plastic Pipe chocks come in 2 different sizes to protect pipe from shifting in transit.

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