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Metal Pipe Cap Variety of Pipe Caps

Steel Metal Pipe End Cap Protectors

M&P steel metal pipe caps are designed to protect plain exposed ends of pipes while in transit or awaiting use.
The rugged construction of the steel cap shields vulnerable pipe ends from weather and damage.

● Metal pipe caps are available in all standard sizes from 2" to 42"
● Caps up through 12" are stamped from 20 gauge steel.
● Cap sizes from 14" through 42" are stamped with 18 gauge steel.

Steel pipe cap end protectors are to protect and cover the bevel ends of pipe from being damage in storage, shipping, transit, and before installation.
It keeps the inside pipe clean from dirt, debris, and animals.

 Metal Pipe End CapsPlastic Pipe Caps are easy to install   Metal Cap Protector in Pipe Yard    30" Metal Steel NPT Pipe Cap Protector

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