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 Flange Protectors
 Pressboard Protector
 Plywood Flange Protector
 Plastic Flange Protector
 Snap-On Protector
 Metal Flange Protector
 Flange Spray Shield
 Flange Insulation Gasket
 Flange Protector Bands
 Magnet Guard
 Stick-On Guard
 Top-Hat Protector

Pipe Protectors
 Metal Caps
 Plastic Caps
 Plastic Plugs
 Oilfield Thread Protectors
 Rectangle Plugs
 Pipe Chocks

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 Plastic Machining
 Acetal Machined Parts
CPVC Machined Parts
Delrin Machined Parts
ETFE Machined Parts
ECTFE Machined Part
FEP Machined Part
Fluorosint Machined Parts
Halar Machined Part
Kel-F Machined Part
Kynar Machined Part
Neoflon Machined Parts
Nylatron Machined Parts
Nylon Machined Parts
Nylon 6 Machined Parts
PCTFE Machined Parts
Peek Machined Parts
Polyamide-Imide Parts
Polyimide Parts
Polyurethane Molded Part
PPS Machined Part
PTFE Machined Parts
PVC Machined Parts
Rulon Machined Part
Ryton PPS Parts
Semitron Parts
Techtron Machined Parts
Teflon Machined Parts
Tefzel Machined Parts
Torlon Parts
Turcite Parts
UHMW Machined Parts
Ultem Parts
Vespel Machined Parts


Flange & Pipe Protection
M&P has been making flange protector and pipe protection products for over 50 years.  We offer a complete range of flange protection and pipe protection products.  Not sure what product you need, give us a call and we'll help you figure it out.

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Plastic Machined Parts
M&P has a custom plastic machining facility.  We make plastic parts to your specifications.  We pride ourselves on quick turnaround and competitive pricing.  We can machine your custom parts from any type of plastic from ABS to Vespel®.  We work with common plastics such as PEEK™, Delrin®, PTFE, and Nylon on a daily basis.
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Note: $50 Minimum order on all manufactured or stocked items.

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